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Bratton Fleming Together

Volunteer Feedback

Throughout the lock down, volunteers provided an essential service in ensuring local villagers stayed safe and well. We cannot thank you enough!

How Bratton Fleming Together came about

As soon as the impact of Covid 19 started to become apparent, the Parish Council recognised the need for a Covid-specific Resilience Plan to be put in place quickly. Within a week or so, a core group of ten villagers, with a range of skills, knowledge, and experience of emergency planning, got together to start looking at what might be needed locally. We called the initiative Bratton Fleming Together.

What did we aim to achieve?

As soon as lock-down came into effect, many people were able to use social media for information, continue to visit supermarkets or use the internet to order what they needed. However, with unprecedented pressure on supermarkets and pharmacies, we believed that there would be a substantial number of people needing to shield / isolate in the village who were going to need support. The Bratton Fleming Together group immediately looked to the community for volunteers. Although some things were obvious, we were starting, in essence,

from scratch. In the early days, we knew we'd need volunteers, but the details of what we needed them to do and how often, was unknown. Much of what we did was considered and planned, but some things were done quickly as a response to issues that cropped up.

Why is your feedback so important?

The group has learned many things throughout lock-down and plan to get together to see what, with the benefit of hindsight, we might have done diifferently. Your feedback will contribute to this process.

Honesty is the best policy

We would ask that you give us a true picture of your experience. We can learn so much more if we know what we did well, but maybe more importantly, what we could have done better or differently and any ideas you may have for us to consider if the need arose again.

Next steps

Once we have received your feedback, we will use it towards looking at how we did. Your comments will be treated in strict confidence and will not be shared outside the group. We will write a piece for the Bratton News and Parish Council to outline our findings – you will not be named! If we would like to use a quote, we will check with you first!

Bratton Fleming Together (BFT) Volunteer Questionnaire

You can complete this anonymously if you would prefer, and anything said will be treated in strict confidence and not shared outside the BFT resilience group. Please use a separate piece of paper if there is not enough space on the form. If you have any questions or would prefer to make your comments over the phone, ring

Sue Maxfield on 01598 710051 or submit this form back to us with your name and preferred contact method and we will be in touch.